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"It will revolutionise your working environment"


  • Heathlier

  • Safer

  • Virtually Odourless

  • 3 x less evaporation

  • High Flash point 60 Deg C (140 F)

  • Fast processing

  • Great price

  • Conventional and Digital plates

  • Enhanced solvency for Digital LAM's, capping and release layers

  • Easy to recyle


FlexoChem Fast radically changes the working environment with a clean scent. No more foul-smelling solvent washout solutions.

FlexoChem Fast has a quick processing and drying time leaving virtually no residual odor in finished plates. Digital LAMs, capping and release layers

dissolve quickly and completely with FlexoChem Fast resulting in a cleaner Flexographic washout unit, and energy savings are realized

as this OSHA-friendly processing solution operates at lower temperatures. FlexoChem Fast is the healthier option for you, your company and the environment. It’s

a wonderful alternative to traditional solvents used to process flexo plates. Developed to replace hazardous low flash odourous solvents


FlexoChem Fast - Recycling. Flexochem offers a professional recycling and return to customer service with our back to original guarantee. Alternatively

Flexochem Fast can be easily vacuum regenerated with the correct recycling equiment.





Developed to bring fast plate processing and a radical change to your working environment . 

Flexochem Fast is the latest advancement in Flexographic washout solvent Technology.

Packaging & Print Media  - recently featured FlexoChem Fast.

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